Appointments can be made either by telephone, online or by calling in at the reception desk.
You have to obtain access details from the surgery to use online services.

If you have given us your mobile number you will get automatic confirmation of the appointment and a reminder before the appointment is due. Please let us know if you do not want to use this service.

With online access you can update your details if you change you telephone number or address.


We aim to offer routine appointment within two working days and an urgent appointment on the same day with a health care profesional depending on your clinical need. You may not be able to see the clinician of your choice for urgent appointment.

You can book routine appointment up to 4 weeks in advance.

If you want two people to be seen at the same appointment, please make  two appointments.

If you have more than one problem to discuss please ask for ‘double appointment’.

Please tell us if you have changed telephone number or address.

We always try to minimise the waiting time for you and, whilst we try to see you at the appointed time, some patients’ appointments may take longer than the time allocated, so please be patient if there is some delay.

Chaperone Policy

If you want chaperone when you are examined by doctors or nurses, feel free to ask for one. If you are having intimate examination or any other examination you may be offered to have a chaperone.
You should be told why the examination is needed and what it entails. If you are not comfortable with the examination don’t hesitate to ask the examination to be stopped.

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