Patient Survey October 2013

Survey Conducted by the members of patient participation group.
Analysis and report (below) written by Rev Edmund Arnold.

Aims of the patient surgery questionnaire

  1. Identify areas where patient needs are not being met.
  2. Furnish practice manager/doctors with evidence based feedback from a sample group of patients.
  3. Challenge or confirm assumptions being made about priorities and services.
  4. Widen awareness of the patient participation group and recruit new members.

The Survey

The survey took place between Monday 21  to Friday 25 October 2013.
The busiest times of surgeries i.e. 9 – 11.30 am and 2 – 4.30 pm were covered by volunteer members of patient participation group.
Very few patients declined to complete the survey and the survey was well received.
Two hundred and sixteen completed forms were recorded.
Some verbal comments were made and they were summarised later in the report.

Result Summary

Group: Thirty four percent male. Sixty six percent were female. Forty six percent were over the age of 50. Fifteen percent were over the age of 70.
Reason for attending the surgery: 173 appointments were with doctor, 40 appointments were with nurse, 10 other appointments.
How appointment was made: 67% made by telephone, 26% were made in person.
Choice: 88%  were able to see the doctor or nurse of their choice.
Convenience: 92%  found their appointment was at a convenient time for them.
Car Parking: 66%  were happy with the car parking arrangements.
Concerns regarding the practice: 88.5% had no concerns regarding the practice.
Satisfaction with the practice: 96.3% satisfied with the service provided.

N.B. Of significance (but not part of the survey) was the fact that 62 patients did not fulfil their appointments during the week of the survey.

Anecdotal Evidence (written and verbal)

  • Long waits for appointments.
  • Difficult to get appointment.
  • Emergency appointments difficult to get.
  • Making appointments on-line described as excellent.
  • Sometimes receptionists not helpful (two comments).
  • Difficult to get a doctor to visit at home.
  • Car Parking
    • Not enough space.
    • Mother and toddler bays would be a help.
    • Need the warden back.
    • Spaces taken by visitors/NHS workers at the hospital.
  • Other comments
    • Lady (60)- Long standing patient thought doctors were marvellous.
    • Lady (40)- Difficult access from car park in spite of the lift.
    • Only one ‘No English’ response.


The surgery revealed some interesting and slightly unexpected results.

  • No great demand for out-of-hours appointments by those present during the day.
  • There was not an overwhelming number of elderly patients to see a practitioner.
  • Majority of patients surveyed were female.
  • There was shown to be a marked satisfaction rating for the practice, with the main concern being car park access and availability.
  • The change of telephone number (to 0191 number) appreciated.
  • Sadly, there was very limited awareness of the patient participation group and no interest was shown in becoming a member of it.

Thanks to all who gave their time to enable this survey to take place.

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