Adult and Childhood Immunisation

A number of changes to the national immunisation programme are being made to improve the overall level of protection against preventable diseases.

Meningitis C: From June 2013, changes to the current schedule for
administering the MenC conjugate vaccine. The second priming dose
currently given at four months will be replaced by a booster dose given in
adolescence. The initial change will be to cease giving the four month dose
from 1 June 2013.
Rotavirus: From July 2013, the introduction into the childhood immunisation
schedule of a vaccine to protect babies against rotavirus.
Shingles: We are giving shingles vaccine to people aged  71 and 78 at the moment.
From 1st September 2014 we are offering the shingles vaccine to people after their 79th birthday.

Childhood Flu: The existing flu immunisation programme will be extended
over a number of years to include all children aged two to 16 inclusive. In
autumn 2013, immunisation will be offered to a limited age range of preschool-
aged children. Full details will be given in the annual flu immunisation

Further information available at
NHS UK website
A guide to Immunisation for Babies up to 13 months of age

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